Hair Styling Memories…

I remember my Mother asking me to dip the hair brush in a large cup of water as she combed my hair….

Water would drip onto my neck and I’d laugh because it tickled me… She would tell me to hold still and I would snap my back straight, trying my best to hold in those giggles…

She would moisturize my hair and either braid or twist it after placing it in a WELL CONTROLLED style!

I also remember the struggles!!! The pressing comb wounds, the burning crack, the hours of frustration, and the overwhelming wash day!

I laugh now with my three girls about my hair expierence, but it was borderline depressing after wasting countless hours with no results.

It scared me from my natural hair… I spent years wasting money and time to buy something that either I already pocessed or wasn’t healthy for me or my hair….

I’ve studied natural health with excellent success and I felt that our hair was just as important. For the past few years I have given a lot of time and energy to being natural and keeping chemicals away from my family.

I would like to share some of my tips and research for natural and relaxed hair…. I have worked with several types and have come up with a few natural remedies and techniques that are just good old fashioned!


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