Why is My Hair so Curly?

It’s the question that us curly hair textured individuals tend to ask ourselves from time to time….


Well the answer is simple, but not so simple…

And I’m sure you’ll love the outcome!

The term “nappy” has been coined beyond negativity.

Definition of nappy for English Language Learners:

of hair : having many tight bends or curls

With the nappiest texture being one described as full of curls.

fro red lip
A history of curls…


Have you ever examined your exquisite coils? They are truly remarkable in each of their design. These coils are extremely fascinating from the beauty of the shape to the brawn of the texture.

People predominately from Western Africa (not the entire continent of people have extra kinky hair – Eastern Africans like Ethiopians for example) have extra kinky hair as a defense mechanism against the sun. Same reason our skin is darker(no matter the shade).

Darker skin has more melanin and the more concentrated this is, the more protection it provides to the scalp against the Sun’s rays. That’s not to say you are immune at all, but if you are living in an extremely hot climate that exposes you to more of the Sun and you have way more of an advantage if your skin contains high levels of melanin. You still require the protective measures of the Sun, but you don’t need as many vitamin D supplements because your body provides it’s nutrients with the help of the Rays!

Hair on the top of the head that coils and curls is very dense and close to the scalp protects your scalp/head from the sun as well. So when you’re out shopping, swimming, or just outdoors the sun won’t fry your brain. The original man, because of where he was located, evolved to have extremely dark skin and extremely coily/kinky hair to protect him from the Sun’s exposure.


Thousands of years ago, as people started to migrate and populate the world, they evolved or changed, just like any other animal, to adapt to their environment. Those who moved to much colder climates needed more vitamin D in their skin and did not require or need so much melanin so they paled. Their hair got less kinky so it could help warm them as it was easier for the hair to show length the straighter it is.


If you look at the planet, you can pretty much see that people look the way they do in response to their environment(This does not include all of us, just some!) The adaption takes thousands of years, but that’s one reason why people look different in a nutshell. Once you know this it really makes racism look even more ridiculous……





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